5 Best Short Hairstyles for Women With Long Faces Over 50

A haircut is a very personal thing. What fits your friend, might not fit you and vice versa. When doing a certain haircut, pay attention to the most outstanding features of your face and what you want to highlight more.

Though, there are some general rules for each face shape, which you are recommended to stick to in order to find a haircut, which is going to compliment your features best. Let’s talk about short hairstyles and long faces particularly. The problem is many women, especially those mature women over 50 don’t believe that an oblong face shape can be improved by short hair.

Let’s try to understand what works best with those long faces. Which short hairstyles for long faces over 50 are recommended by professional stylists?

The Correct Haircut for a Long Face

So, you want to cut your hair short, but you are not sure those fancy pixie and bob haircuts will compliment your features better than long layered waist-length hair. Here are a few secrets why short hairstyle might fit you better if you are over 50.

The one rule you have to remember when looking for the right hairstyle for a long-shaped face is to choose something that is not going to encourage your face to look even more elongated. You can pick something between a fuller hairstyle with some texture through the sides and something with a fringe. This will help to create an oval shape.

  • A bob with a fringe. As we have already mentioned above, for a long face you want to create a rounder shape. A short bob with lots of volume and a fringe is a great choice. It is a classic haircut, which takes a few minutes only to style it properly. When brushing your hair out, add a little bit of volume on the sides by teasing the layers. Give them a tease, bring them down, and secure with a hairspray.
  • A short haircut with a few layers. Adding layers to your haircut is great in terms of a long face shape. It will add volume to the sides of the face.
  • Keep hair below the chin at least. Don’t get haircuts, which keep the length at your chin directly. This is going to attract attention to the chin even more. Keep the length shorter or longer than that.
  • A long pixie haircut with a deep side parting will complement a long face shape as well. Just make sure you don’t keep your hairstyle sleek and smooth.
  • Asymmetric bob will perfectly complement the features of your face too. It will look even better if you have a naturally curly texture.

As you can see, there are so many variations for doing a glam hairstyle for those who have an oblong face. Just pick what you like most. A bob with a fringe? Or a pixie with a deep side parting?