How to frame your face with long hair

Long hair with layers looks just perfect and helps to make the look luxurious and spectacular.


A layered haircut has many different advantages, in particular, it takes the weight off very thick hair. It also provides quite a few styling options.


Here are some great options for performing a layered haircut on long hair.


A layered haircut that frames the face


This is a beautiful and trendy hairstyle that will help you look fantastic for the new season. It is one of the best haircuts for straight long hair, as it makes the strands more voluminous and interesting.


The long face-framing strands can be quickly and easily styled and given extra shine with oil.

Long hair with bronze highlights


This is a great option for those who want something new and fresh this year. Long straight hair with layers looks very beautiful and more dynamic compared to single length hairstyles.


However, it is worth remembering that a layered haircut on long straight hair with bangs necessarily requires styling.


Straight hair with long layered bangs


This hairstyle will help to give strands more volume and dynamics. Straight haircut with layered bangs creates the illusion of thicker hair.


When styling, you can add beach waves or curls to give your hair more volume and make it more attractive. Then spray some hairspray and run your fingers through the strands to fix the hairstyle.


Multi-layered haircuts with bangs


If you want to add a little brightness to your image, red hair combined with layered haircuts will be exactly what you need.


This color of strands suits almost any shade of skin. The straight bangs will help to add a little spice to the image, and the layers will add additional dynamics. The big advantage of this haircut is that minimal maintenance is required.


Long straight hair with a parting in the middle


This hairstyle just looks great on blond hair, giving them additional volume.


The layered haircut helps to create additional dynamics, and the beautiful blonde hair color emphasizes the shine of the strands.


Straight hair with long cascading layers


A cascading haircut on long hair is exactly what you should definitely try if you want to make your look just incredible.


It will allow you to somewhat liven up the strands. Perfectly looks such a haircut on straight brown hair with light highlights.


Straight long hair framing the face


If you want to slightly diversify your hairstyle, it is worth trying to make a haircut in layers with bangs, beautifully framing the face. This is a great option for thin hair.


This layered style helps to create the illusion of more volume on long curls without losing length.


A haircut with a melting


It’s worth trying a beautiful and stylish melting, which will help to give extra volume to the hair and make a beautiful hairstyle.


Balayage on a layered haircut looks stylish, casual and does not require too much care.

long hair

Wavy layers with bangs


It is worth trying to make a hairstyle with long wavy strands trimmed in layers.


To look more interesting and stylish, it is worth adding bangs, as well as doing the coloring in black. This hairstyle helps to somewhat smooth out the sharp line of the chin. It is worth asking your stylist to texture the ends of your hair to achieve a nice texture.


Textured layered haircut on long hair


This hairstyle looks stylish and attractive, and will help to give a certain elegance to the image.


Slightly ruffled layers on long strands help to remove excess weight from the hair, creating a unique effect.