How to keep long hair out of face

How to keep long hair out of face


The flowing lines of beautiful hairstyles mesmerize the eye. Stylists have many tricks for creating neat, creative, interesting patterns. A spectacular look for a celebration or a comfortable style for every day, it’s easy to choose from numerous options. Knowing how to remove the hair, hairstyles will allow you to bring your looks closer to perfection. Behind the strands, it is easy to hide flaws by accentuating the obvious advantages.¬†


Features of hairstyles with gathered hair


Everyone will find a hairstyle for hectic everyday life, as well as to shine at a formal reception. Gathered hair gives charm, uniqueness, mystique image. With the help of pins, pins create unique masterpieces, some compositions are easy to master on their own.


Convenient styling allows you to experiment with different images. Neat, laconic forms, sloppy strands, glossy waves – for each event your variant is suitable.


Performed on medium and length below the shoulders, beautiful styling is created with long waves. Short hair can also be gathered, if the strands reach the level of the chin. With the help of tresses and textured curls it is easy to create the effect of lush hair and with a small bundle. Waist-length curls bring their owners a lot of trouble. The daily styling, a huge number of hairpins, elastic bands weaken the strands, lead to hair loss. For such cases, use a simple, but stylish hairstyles, fixing which is limited to a minimum number of accessories.


Young ladies with thin porous hair are familiar with the problem of lack of density, volume. Successful styling allows you to enjoy a stylish image during the day. Also evaluate its practical properties, the strands retain a neat shape, not violating the overall composition. Regardless of the chosen model, it is recommended to use products to facilitate combing. Thin trunks are prone to tangling, traumatization, subsequent fall out. Gathered hairstyles are a great option to maintain the beauty, the strength of curls, corresponding to fashion trends.


A greater amount of time requires hairstyles for curly, curly curls. Stiff and unruly curls require the use of styling products. Softens the structure, gives a shiny, well-groomed look, hair cream or oil. Also means make the strands more elastic and it is easy to create the chosen model from the mop of curls.


The hairstyles with bangs refresh the image and add notes of individuality, because the shape is chosen solely under the oval of the face. Must match the overall concept of the hairstyle, is part of the overall composition. There are options when with the help of braids and invisibles you can hide a part of the hair, experimenting with new images.


The choice of auxiliaries matters. Hangers and elastic bands should neatly fix, not to traumatize the locks, keeping your hair during the day. To help you can use styling products that are selected according to the hair type and length. For the average – suitable mousse, foam, providing the volume, puffiness. For long hair used cream, spray with the effect of fixation, cascade cascading curls desired shape.

long hair

Hairstyle options


Hairstyle with a French braid around the head is performed on the average and length below the shoulders. Curls look thick, lush styling is suitable for different ovals. Loose strands harmonize the wide face, accentuate the look. Performed as with or without bangs, a great option for everyday styling. Uncomplicated technique of braiding is also recommended for solemn occasions.


The high braid is performed on long curls. To visually add lushness and density, hairdressers are advised to pre-twist the strands. Glossy smoothness turns a simple styling in the evening, and knocked out of the general masses strands give a creative personality.


It is not easy to make short locks into a neat hairstyle. The optimal variant would be the comb, with the help of free weaving it is easy to give the desired hairstyle magnificence and density. To create yourself a similar model will not be difficult in the presence of styling tools and a few invisible hairpins.


The “raked” locks are suitable for formal receptions, as well as for business etiquette. The styling can be done both on short as well as on maximum length. Suitable for regular, diamond-shaped and triangular ovals. The main volume is distributed in the parietal area, opening the graceful line of the neck. Suitable for slim tall girls, makes an accent on the magnificent forms.


Fashionable, careless bundle gathered at the crown or on the back of the head. Is performed only on the long curls, unique charm gives the hairstyle performance on the curled locks. Suitable for girls of different types, asymmetric hairstyle elegant image. In addition to the standard twisting the entire bob into a tangle, followed by the formation of a bun, add puffiness is easy, creating spikelets.


Long hair provides unlimited options for various bundles. Create intricate buns, artfully laid out strands of waves, with the help of combing performed everyday styling. Combine with bangs, but round-faced young ladies need not forget about the volume of the crown, balancing the oval.


High tower bundle – the prerogative of young and slender young ladies. Simple hairstyle maximizes the emphasis on the features. Thanks to the superimposed strands is easily performed and on short hair. This hairstyle is universal for any occasion and can be combined with a luxurious evening gown or democratic casual. It is important to choose beautiful jewelry, emphasize the refined neck.


The Greek hairstyle gives a romantic touch to the image. It is practical for every day, and with the accessories it becomes a decoration for the occasion. Looks luxurious on curly, curly hair, corrects the shape of the face, suitable for mature women. It is created on medium and long curls, it is effective with delicate, nude makeup.


Ponytails embody different images. Tight, glossy, loose puffy, high or elegant, laconic at the nape of the neck, each model is unique. High options are suitable for young, slender girls, young ladies after 30 should pay attention to the careless, puffy styling. With the help of beautifully laid out strands it is easy to look young, stylish.


Retro hairstyles can be created both on short and long curls. Accurate buns, partially or completely gathered curls suitable for evening out. Styling requires a whole arsenal of styling tools, options for special occasions emphasize femininity and elegance.


Technology execution


Simple styling is created with their own hands. For the performance will need a standard set:

A fine comb for separating and combing the strands;

bobby pins, hairpins, rubber bands;

mousse, wax, varnish;

Accessories and decorations, depending on the style of hair.


Festive hairstyles, as well as complex openwork weaves on long hair, it is better to trust professionals. In the salon the price depends on the length, the density of curls, the use of additional tresses, chignons.


Before performing the hairstyle it is necessary to prepare the curls:

  • Wash hair with shampoo according to the type of hair should be the day before. Oily type is washed immediately before performing the hairstyle. For curly hair use a shampoo with the effect of moisturizing, the strands will be soft and elastic.
  • Apply conditioner to wet curls, rinse with cold water after a few minutes. It will make the hair shafts more elastic, facilitating styling.
  • Dry the hair with a hair dryer with the head tilted forward. The method allows you to achieve the root volume.
  • Spray mousse, foam or wax evenly over the main growth area and the tips. The choice of product depends on the hairstyle model. For fine curls lacking volume, it is recommended to use a fixing spray in the root area. A few pushes are enough for a lush hairstyle.

Pros and cons 


A well-groomed, chic hairstyle will become a decoration of the appearance. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of gathered hair, you can find the optimal model.



  • luxurious styles are easy to create on their own, regardless of the occasion and the chosen option will require a standard set – elastic bands, hairpins and styling products;
  • The choice is unlimited with standard images, there are models of street, casual style, pompous styling for special events, as well as simple classic hairstyles for every day;
  • Performed at different lengths, skillfully gathering strands, it is easy to create the effect of a lush, thick hair, as well as simplify the care of long, thin curls, prone to tangling;
  • suitable for different age groups, young girls experiment with bold, avant-garde ideas, for mature women – a great way to look elegant, modern;
  • assembled and semi-assembled hairstyles remain relevant for a decade, masters regularly present true works of art, created from the twisted curls and flowing strands;
  • combed hair upwards open the neck line, emphasizing the chiseled oval shape, there are different models for young ladies with round, trapezoidal and triangular face;
  • Correct styling easily corrects the external data, you can hide under the strands of high, wide forehead, asymmetrical ears, to draw attention away from a large nose, to make an expressive look.



  • Finding a successful model takes some time;
  • Women’s celebratory hairstyles not everyone can perform step by step at home;
  • gathered curls weaken the root system, weighing down the strands with bobby pins, elastic bands, as well as styling products, which leads to thinning, as well as hair loss.