Best Shaggy Haircuts for Women over 50

Whatever your age is, your hair can look gorgeous! Many women tend to believe that once they have celebrated their 50th birthday it is time to get rid of longer hair and forget about locks forever. Why so? For some it may indeed be more convenient to have a short haircut, while others may find it bothering to make hairstyles every day. If you fall in either of these categories, this article is to show you a solution for your hair of any length and ultimately your life! 

Women are beautiful in any age and this is true. However, once they stop embracing this beauty, things start to fail. To begin with, let us explore some of the best shag haircuts for older women (shaggy hairstyles for fine hair over 50) just to assure ourselves that we can still look attractive even if our hair turned grey! 


Hairstyle Tricks for Older Women 

When aging catches you off guard, go for changes. Once your body and face begins to change with natural aging processes, so should your hairstyle. Go make an appointment with your favourite hairdresser down the street and ensure he or she knows what you need. And your need should be nothing but a new appearance in the mirror. 

Here are some of the most flattering hair solutions you may try to adjust for physical changes in your body due to aging:

  • short bob with bangs: this is nothing but a classy shaggy hairstyle which would definitely add some volume and attract people’s attention to your beautiful and wise eyes.
  • medium layered haircut: this allows you to style your hair the way you want it, either in a loose bun or messy ponytail. Even if styling is not your passion, going loose-haired will also do the trick and add some points on your personal beauty scale.
  • wavy little bob: we all know this deeply-rooted desire to look natural and yet appealing. Wavy hair is just what you need thereto! 
  • ultimate mid shag: some things go and some things stay. Sometimes it can be nice to have length but not so much that it is heavy and weights down the volume. Let us add some fabulous textured layers, shall we?
  • messy bun: yes, you did not misread it. Messy bun is not only for young and careless ladies, it works for women of all ages. Add some natural hair color or leave it in grey and you will not escape without a compliment. 

Believe it or not, these were our simple yet extremely helpful tips on how to make your hair look gorgeous once you get to your fifties. The main takeaway of this article is that shag haircuts for older women work too! Make sure you have a positive mindset and are ready to fight for your beauty at any age. This will help you be open to changes and change in accordance to your body and appearance. Chances are you will then look absolutely astonishing!